Making the perfect schedule is hard... Well, not anymore!

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What is ScheduleLab?

Every student has a registration story: Finding out a class is full, meeting with their advisors, and staying up late just to work on backup plans. Often it’s a matter of trial and error to find the perfect schedule - spending time mixing and matching courses to find ones that fit together.

Thankfully, our team at ScheduleLab, LLC team has designed ScheduleLab - an awesome app that finally solves the problem once and for all. ScheduleLab’s lightning-fast algorithm is able to take users’ need and calculate the best choices available to you. Need a day off? Want to have your favorite professor? No problem! Just enter your preferences into the app and we’ll try to match them!

Try ScheduleLab for your upcoming registration season, and see how you can bring scheduling down to a science!

Up-to-Date Catalogs

Choose from an ever-expanding list of supported colleges, down to the campus. ScheduleLab keeps it’s data relevant, so you don’t have to worry about last-minute catalog changes. Don’t see your school? You can request it right in the app.

Students Love Us

ScheduleLab is able to cut down registration preparation from hours down to minutes, giving students the time they need to take care of the things that really matter.

Advisors Love Us

ScheduleLab’s speed enables advisors to help students with registration issues faster - perfect for helping a high volume of students figure out their next steps when their plans fall through.

Our team is continuously looking for new ways to improve our product and the ScheduleLab ecosystem.

If you’d like to see how ScheduleLab can help your school, use the link below to get in touch!

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